About Us

We don’t like talking about ourselves much cuz we aren’t conceded assholes so read about us below if you give a fuck. If not, fuck you! JK We don’t really give a fuck what you do so long as you buy some of our fucking shit \m/

Fux Wear was not made in a Hollywood basement but does have its roots built from garage bands and shady bars throughout Michigan and the Midwest.

Our love for the music industry and its culture goes as far back as I can remember with my Father playing guitar and singing us songs at bedtime when I was a toddler. He played what I would consider easy listening and country music. The Eagles were his favorite and the memories he created have lasted a lifetime.

From that my brothers and I would perform live concerts for our family in the living room with air guitars and drums. I think we had quite the stage presence as we often would include some gore in our theatrics such as drooling out ketchup as blood like our heroes Kiss. Fire was frowned upon so that was not incorporated into our act.

As we grew and learned to play instruments like many families we had a guitar player, a drummer and a singer. Being the youngest I was slower to learn so I was anointed the singer. I was not a good singer and eventually transitioned into the roadie and promoter.

About this time we became cognizant of a new genre of music that had a lot of energy. Loud and fast was fun for a teenager so we molded into the punk rock scene.

To be continued when we fucking feel like it…

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Again, we don’t pay anyone enough to fix our website so your guess is as good as ours as to who the fuck these people are. If you know them can you please tell them to get the fuck off of our fucking website!