Of course we can, we specialize in giving fux!

Visit our shop to get yourself a fuck or to give a fuck to someone you love or hate.

Damn straight mother fucker. We wouldn’t fuck with you like that. Well we probably would but we don’t really want to work that hard.

Probably some time after we ship it. Are you really this dense? Jeez, it will get there when it gets there. Now shut the fuck up and get back to waiting for your shit to arrive

You can fuck right the hell off. We ain’t got no money so go buy some shit and maybe we’ll hire someone, it won’t be you but thanks for asking.

Send us nudes via the form on this page and we will post them on a rating website. If you get over an 8 rating we will probably still not hire you but it will be fun for us to read thru the comments your nudes receive. 

Obviously we don’t give a fuck. Hell our name is FuxWear it should be obvious.

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